PLEASE NOTE: Children of Bellevue is a nonprofit auxiliary to NYC Health+Hospitals/Bellevue.
We do not provide patient care. If your child needs medical attention, please call 212-562-4141.


The Bellevue Hospital Center Children’s Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (C-CPEP) is a state-of-the-art, 3,500 square foot facility for the evaluation and management of children and adolescents in psychiatric crisis.

The child and adolescent in crisis requires privacy, and in some instances safe and effective restraint. This needs to occur in a proper setting with people trained to deal with all the implications of children and adolescents with mental health issues. Providing the safest, most clinically adequate and least stressful environment, while observing and evaluating a child with acute psychiatric symptoms, is imperative to ensure a positive outcome in psychiatric emergency cases.

The C-CPEP offers:
  • The right service at the right time to young people up to eighteen (18) years of age who are in crisis
  • Round the clock staffing by trained child and adolescent psychiatrists, nurses and social workers
  • Enhanced safety and privacy features appropriate for psychiatric patients
  • Six Extended Observation beds for up to 72 hours of evaluation and intervention to help stabilize the child or adolescent, reducing the need for inpatient admissions
  • Evaluation of patients who do not need extended observation but require assessment and treatment planning.
Some of the most common reasons for C-CPEP evaluations are:
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Dangerous aggression
  • Psychotic symptoms (hearing voices or seeing things)
  • Inability to attend school
  • Serious family conflict

If you feel your child needs immediate assessment and/or you have difficulties finding mental health care for your child, we can provide evaluation and help you connect to services.

Home-Based Crisis Intervention Program

The Home Based Crisis Intervention [HBCI] Program provides services to children and adolescents who are experiencing psychiatric symptoms that place them at risk for hospitalization or out of home placement. The immediate goal of the program is to stabilize the child and prevent hospitalization. The long-term goal of the program is to link children with ongoing mental health treatment and other supportive services in their communities.

The program was created to decrease the number of hospitalizations and out of home placements for children with psychiatric needs by providing comprehensive psychiatric crisis intervention services to children and families, and linking them with ongoing services that will promote healing in home and community settings.

Interim Crisis Clinic

We provide immediate follow-up access to intensive psychiatric treatment for children and their families seen in the C-CPEP who would benefit from extended evaluation and/or short-term treatment (3 to 6 visits). A tailored treatment plan is developed, including individual therapy, family therapy, psychopharmacologic treatment, as well as community outreach to school, pediatricians and other agencies involved with the child and family.

Mobile Crisis Services

The Mobile Crisis Service provides in home mental health assessment and intervention within 24 hours of a request. Mobile Crisis services will be provided through the existing Bellevue CPEP program, and will be utilized by the Child and Adolescent C-CPEP program. This Service provides crisis intervention, diagnostic assessment and linkage to other agencies and programs including facilitating a visit to the emergency room. Mobile Crisis services are utilized at any point in the treatment process, from facilitating initial entry into the system to tracking at-risk children and adolescents lost to follow-up.