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Child Protection & Development

Child Protection & Development

Establishing protocols that protect children throughout the state from abuse and neglect.

To speak to someone about a child in crisis, please call 212-562-6073. Dial 911 for police and/or EMS assistance in the event of an emergency.

The Frances L. Loeb Child Protection and Development Center, a specialized unit in the Ambulatory Care division of the Department of Pediatrics, has a team of board-certified Child Abuse Pediatricians, Clinical Social Workers, Child Development Specialists, and a Psychologist. Children are referred to the Center by Bellevue’s Pediatric Emergency Services, community medical providers, social Service agencies, child protection services, and law enforcement officials.

The Center provides invaluable services, such as comprehensive evaluations in a child-focused environment, forensic medical and social work assessments for adolescent victims of assault, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and trafficking. Services include post sexual assault medical care and treatment, crisis intervention, short-term counseling, referrals, and advocacy with law enforcement and legal services, both criminal and family court-related. The interdisciplinary nature of the program’s services and techniques and the comprehensive nature of the evaluations make the Center unique among hospital-based child abuse programs.

Within the medical community, the Center is a training site for students, residents, and Fellows and hosts a weekly case review that allows trainees to see the dynamics of case management and interdisciplinary work, so essential to child protection.

To speak to someone about a child in crisis, please call 212-562-6073. In the event of an emergency, dial 911 for police and/or EMS assistance.


A Safe Haven

While other programs take place in the chaotic environment of the emergency room, the CPC is a safe haven for doctors, nurses, social workers, patients and their families. It is complete with quiet exam rooms as well as special interview rooms with one-way glass.


The CPC is unique among hospital models in that the psycho/social component of care begins during the initial evaluation and continues throughout the child’s follow-up treatment. It also is the only facility of its kind that evaluates teenagers for abuse and neglect, rather than sending these patients to the adult ER.



Child abuse has become the leading cause of trauma for children under the age of 4.


Children that are developmentally delayed or have a psychiatric illness are 3X more likely to be victims of abuse.


Of all the children and adolescents referred to us for evaluation of abuse or neglect 40% are from the foster care system.