Board & Advisors

Aubrie Jones
Development and Fundraising Committee Chair
Judith A. Keating*
Finance Committee Chair
Sara Beth Beckmeier
Vice Chair and Governance Committee Chair
Amanda Rosado
Marketing Committee Chair
Carolina Pichardo
Toast Planning Committee Chair
Judith A. Keating
Audit Committee Chair
Carey Marshall
Program Committee Chair
Cheryl Reich*

Board Members

Shannon Armstrong
Sara Beth Beckmeier
Christopher K. Brumm
Tom Colicchio
Rahul Hate, MD
Aubrie Jones
Judith A. Keating*
Carey Marshall
Jeffrey A. Meckler*
Carolina Pichardo
Cheryl Reich*
Amanda Rosado
Nicole Shearman
Jennifer Walsh

Life Members

Mary Ann Chiasson, DrPH*
Mr. James R. Borynack
Mrs. John C. Burton
Ms. Michelle Clayman
Mrs. Stewart B. Clifford
Mrs. Bruce A. Gimbel
Mrs. Winthrop Rutherfurd, Jr.
Mrs. Norton Stevens

Corporate Members

Mrs. Stanley Arkin
Mrs. Stephen Bassock
James A. Beha, II
Mrs. William J. Benedict
Cathryn Burchill Block
Marc Bothwell
Letitia Buckley
Sean T. Collins
Mary Elliott
Stuart M. Goode
Elizabeth Dater Jennings
Elizabeth Martin
Kevin Martyn
Judith Murray
Deborah D. O’Kain
Mrs. Randolph H. Post
Mary A. Susnjara
John C. Wobensmith

Advisory Members

Dr. Peter Catapano, Jr.
Dr. Benard P. Dreyer
Dr. Arthur Fierman
Dr. Lewis Goldfrank
Dr. Jennifer Havens
Dr. Amr M. Moursi

Our Associate Board

The Associate Board is organized to promote and strengthen the mission of Children of Bellevue by engaging young professionals. The Associate Board is a passionate group of young professionals dedicated to volunteering their time, talents, and energy to support the critical social issues Children of Bellevue seeks to address and promote fundraising for this work. The Associate Board helps cultivate the next generation of leaders committed to Children of Bellevue and serves those children in need in our community. Children of Bellevue’s Board members Judith A. Keating and Kevin O’Leary advise the Associate Board.

Roberto Ayala Priya Goyal
Julia Robles
Volunteering Committee Chair
Jessica Kimmes
Membership Committee Chair
Selena Boro
Strategy & Operations Committee Chair
Priscila Mattozo
Fundraising Committee Chair
Gabriel O’Donoghue
Communications Committee Chair
Quinn Cullum
Antoinette Smith

Our Associate Board Members

Roberto Ayala
Renee Barrett
Selena Boro
Jared Boyce*
Brooke Cantone
Arianne Carpio
Quinn Cullum
Priya Goyal
Adrian Castro
Jessica Kimmes
Shriya Mantry
Priscila Mattozo
Scott Munro
Gabriel O’Donoghue
Sari Ring
Julia Robles
Sean Saggi
Kathryn Schoeberlein
Ericson Shi
Antoinette Smith
Siddharth Seth
Howard Telson
Joyce Wu

To receive information about the Associate Board and Membership, as well as upcoming events and our e-newsletter, please email Priscila Mattozo at

*Denotes prior Board President or Chair