PLEASE NOTE: Children of Bellevue is a nonprofit auxiliary to NYC Health+Hospitals/Bellevue. We do not provide patient care. If your child needs medical attention, please call 212-562-4141


NYC Health+Hospitals/Bellevue
462 First Avenue, ME-15
New York, NY 10016
Fundraising Office Phone: 212-562-4130(option 5)
Hospital Phone: 212-562-4141
Fax: 212-562-7297

Phone Directory

Children of Bellevue Office/Fundraising Office 212-562-4130 (option 5)
If your child needs medical care or you need to contact a medical professional, please call Health+Hospitals/Bellevue and the operator can assist you.
Francis L. Loeb Child Protection & Development Center 212-562-6073
Reach Out & Read and the H.E.L.P. Project 212-562-3165
Autism/Developmental/Behavioral 212-562-2455
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – CCPEP 212-562-7383
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – Outpatient Services 212-562-4991
Child Life 212-562-5221
Patient Library 212-562-3833
Partial Day Hospital & PS35 212-562-8959
Pediatric Clinic 212-562-5579
Pediatric Clinic Appointments 212-562-5555
Bellevue Hospital Volunteer Office (for individual opportunities) 212-562-4858
Fundraising Office for Children of Bellevue Nonprofit (for fundraising and corporate volunteering inquiries) 212-562-4130