10 years of The Loeb Center

Child Abuse Pediatricians Margaret McHugh, Lori Legano, and Vincent Palusci

On November 15, 2010 friends and staff gathered to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the opening of The Frances L. Loeb Center for Child Protection and Development. Dr. Margaret McHugh, the director, founder and driving force behind the center, joined past employees, CoB board members and one of Mrs. Loeb’s grandchildren for a celebration that marked their success in building the Center and in spreading the word about child abuse nationwide.

Dr. McHugh began treating abused children at Bellevue over thirty years ago, and over a decade ago Children of Bellevue and the family of Mrs. Loeb helped build this Center – a safe place where abused children can be treated by
a multi-disciplinary team. In part because of the work done here, Abuse Pediatrics was recognized as a pediatric
subspecialty in 2006, and the first exam given to doctors to demonstrate proficiency in it was given in November 2009. Recognition of a subspecialty reflects a strong scientific basis in a specific field.

Although the incidence of child abuse and neglect has been decreasing in recent years, statistics show that one in 58 children is the victim of abuse or neglect.