2014 Holiday Wish Lists

Letterhead LogoChildren of Bellevue 2014 Holiday Wish Lists

As the year draws to a close and we pause to reflect on the past twelve months, it is only natural that we think about those who are less fortunate than we are, and wonder what we can do to help them.  Every small kindness makes a huge difference for low-income families with young children.

Children of Bellevue, Inc. at Bellevue Hospital Center sees to very specific needs at this time of year.  If you would like to make a meaningful gift to a child at Bellevue, please consider one or more of the following items.


Hospital Program Areas:

We asked our program staff to tell us what they need most this year.  Our Social Workers, Art Therapists, Child Life Specialists, and other staff members asked us to reach out to you for:


1.      Child Life

  1. New baby carriers
  2. Receiving blankets
  3. Underwear and socks
  4. New infant clothing, such as onesies
  5. Toddler sized back packs
  6. School supplies
  7. Individual crayon boxes
  8. New brio trains, brio train tracks including bridges and round-abouts
  9. Toy medical kits (even inexpensive ones that we can give away)

2.      Reach Out and Read

  1. Chapter books
  2. Storybooks for 2-5 years old

3.      CCPEP (Children’s Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program)

  1. Baby Dolls (non fabric)
  2. Action Figures
  3. Play Doh
  4. Lego
  5. Mega Blocks
  6. Toy Animals (non fabric)
  7. Puppets (non fabric)
  8. Board Games
  9. Ping pong paddles & balls.
  10. Coloring books
  11. Reading Books  (all ages)
  12. Novelty Socks and pony tail holders

4.      Child & Adolescent Day Treatment

  1. Winter Coats are always needed (usually in larger sizes)
  2. Beat headphones
  3. Sweat pants in varying sizes (we have a lot of kids that have accidents during the day and it would be great to have)
  4. Nintendo DS + games
  5. Special Request:  “This is my biggest wish – the kids have gotten very used to eating multiple muffins both at breakfast and at lunch (generally because the lunches are not very good). I would love to have better tasting and healthier breakfasts. Fruit, yogurt, multigrain breads, etc. My dream would be to have someone sponsor our breakfasts. “

i.      Sponsor One Healthy Breakfast – $25

ii.      Sponsor One Week of Healthy Breakfast – $125

iii.      Sponsor One Month of Healthy Breakfast – $500

iv.      Sponsor One Year of Healthy Breakfast – $5000

(Breakfast is served to up to 30 children every morning before they go to class in the hospital school.  Please make checks payable to Children of Bellevue, Inc. or donate online at www.childrenofbellevue.org).

5.      21 South Inpatient Adolescent Psychiatry

  1. X-Box Games

i.      Nickelodeon Dance

ii.      Disney Sing It Bundle w/microphone

iii.      Brave

  1. WII

i.       Just Dance  2015

ii.      Just Dance Kids

iii.      Hip Hop Dance Experience

  1. PS4

i.       Putty Squad

ii.      Lego Marvel Super Heroes

iii.      Raymond Legends

iv.      Mind Craft

  1. New 32″ TV/Monitor

Prenatal Group

  1. Baby Basics, Your Month to Month Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. It is published by The March of Dimes. We give one to each pregnant teen on their first group visit, and have just one copy left.
  2. newborn clothing

i.       Such as onesies, baby socks, receiving blankets, etc.

7.      Child Protection & Development Center


i.      Memory

ii.       Jenga

iii.       Connect 4

iv.      Candyland, Uno


i.      Medical/Dr kits

ii.      Small action figures like Spiderman, Superman and Batman

iii.      Small containers of Play Doh

Art Supplies

i.      Model magic in small packets

ii.      Small paint brushes


i.      Plain journals without the wire spiral binding and activity kits are always welcome by our tweens