Baby It’s Cold Outside

Our Infant Layette Program provides pajamas, blankets and cute little outfits so that babies born at Bellevue are off to a warm, comfortable and, dare we say, ‘stylish’, start in life. The families receiving these layettes, families like Sarah’s, always leave the hospital uplifted and ready to start a wonderful journey together. The experience fosters a feeling of hope in lives often filled with obstacles and lack of family and community support.

We’ve begun a new crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to keep our Layette program going strong and keeping babies warm.

Last week we set our goal at $5,000 and hoped to raise it in six weeks.  And then we raised it in FIVE DAYS!  So many people care about newborn babies born into poverty , and we want to give everyone the chance to make a difference.  And the simple truth is that we really need $10,000 to care for the 1,000 new babies expected in the next six months or so. Therefore,  we have increased our goal to $10,000 to allow everyone who wants to change a life the opportunity to do so. 

So please give as generously as you can to help more babies, like little baby Jane, stay safe and warm, and have the best possible start in life we could hope for.


Click here to visit the site and contribute.