Iconic graffiti artist and muralist John “CRASH” Matos Has Donated Original Artwork to Toast Silent Auction!


Iconic graffiti artist and muralist John “CRASH” Matos

Has Donated Original Artwork to Toast Silent Auction!


John “CRASH” Matos

Born in 1961 in Bronx, New York. Lives and works in New York City.

John Matos known as “CRASH” affixes his mark on the trains of New York from the age of 13.

Since 1978, this pioneer of Street Art proceeds, without any difficulty, from trains to canvas.

This kind of art “underground” gains his recognition in the world of art when CRASH leaves walls and trains to expose at Sidney Janis and at the Real Art Ways gallery alongside with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Indeed, painting outside makes John realize that graffiti surpasses the mere production of letters or the pretext to put up his name. It is a source of raw emotion which was forged in the street and will inspire his work on canvas. As he explains: “My first studio was the subway. I will never chase it from my heart”.

His style is recognized by the most major museums and is at the origin of an important graphic expression that still inspires the young generation of artists but has never been equaled.

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